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Large-format canvases, earth-toned oils, and gold are the characteristic expressions of painter Erika Voith. Her artistic statement stems from a profound exploration of truth and the essence of the painted subject through oil painting and drawing. These techniques serve as a common thread connecting nude figures, abstracts, and lyrical landscapes.

Erika Voith graduated from the Secondary School of Art and Design in Brno. During her studies in Art History at Masaryk University, she completed internships at the National Academy in Athens, briefly studied scenography at DAMU in Prague, portrait painting at the academy in Calgary, and worked at the Saatchi Gallery in London. In the summer of 2013, she decided to fully dedicate herself to her art.

As a classically trained artist with knowledge of ancient techniques, she incorporates the inner desire to discover deeper meanings and elusive beauty in her works. Through noble metals, she brings compositions to life and opens up space for mysticism and timelessness.

In her work, we find inspiration from Japanese philosophy, Byzantine icons, and Central European expressionism. She considers drawing as the touchstone of all art forms and the foundation of visual techniques. The alla prima technique, which involves drawing with oil pastels into the transparent layers of wet oil, serves as a means for creating intense and poetic images. Gold, chosen for its ability to reflect light and withstand decay, has become a fundamental element in Erika's expressive language. It symbolizes the beginning and end of all things—the cycle of life.

Her artistic practice is also associated with a philanthropic mission. Erika supports charitable projects through the sale of her art at auctions organized by organizations focused on fighting cancer.

Erika Voith's art finds its place in private collections around the world, where it serves as a symbol of strength, mysticism, and aesthetic expression.

Erika creates her work at the VOITH Studio located in the DADADISTRIKT building on the Svitava nábřeží in Brno. Amidst painted images and graphics, she hosts ART SALONS and exhibitions. The studio is open for visits by appointment.

"In the Middle Ages, visionary women had a special status in society. They were prophetesses of true love, and their visions were a romantic description of their relationship with a higher being. We can only speculate who the true god of Erika Voith is, reflected in the Byzantine gold of her paintings.

Somewhat calmer are her landscapes, aiming for eternity. Meditative figures in the landscape embrace the golden color, reserved primarily for sacred space."

Josef Záruba-Pfeffermann, curator


Art & Event Gallery Černá labuť, 2018



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