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The endeavor to incorporate light into my work stemmed from
a desire to capture the moods
of landscapes in ways beyond mere oil painting.

Experimentation began in the Netherlands in 2016. I felt that the beauty of Dutch cities
and landscapes deserved to be captured and portrayed in more than just a single moment
on a single piece of paper,
and so I began to sketch
on transparent papers layered upon each other.

Returning from my sketching sessions each day, I would find myself exclaiming, "everything is different!"

Holandská krajina gif 75.gif

I subsequently attempted to illuminate these sketches
by installing a light source within the frame, which proved to be less than an ideal solution.

This led to several years of testing LED strips placed on a wooden board behind the canvas.

Dutch landscape
Oil on a light panel, 60x60, 2022

Then, in 2022, the idea emerged to paint with oils directly onto light panels.

Písečná bouře gif 75.gif

Sand storm
Oil on a light panel, 60x60, 2023

Budiž světlo I gif 75.gif

The result is paintings that serve as a source of light in interiors, depicting both tranquil nighttime scenes and dramatic sunsets.

Let there be a light I
Oil on a light panel, 60x60, 2023

It took another two years to develop, in collaboration
with the Czech company APLED, dimmable light panels with wooden frames that allow for infinite variability in creating
any mood in a space.

Budiž světlo II gif 75.gif

Let there be a light II
Oil on a light panel, 60x60, 2023

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