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In addition to exhibitions, Erika is also involved in commissions to complete the interiors of companies, family houses
and from 2023, "houses on the water"-

How did we get into the interior design of boats?

It all started in the spring of 2023, when we met Tomáš
ALTUMARE, the main representative of the Lagoon catamarans for the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the charity auction at Mendel´s Greenhouse.

He told us then that he would like his ships to be different
than all the others.

The first step was to create a flagship with a unique design - the ADEL catamaran.
This is the impressive catamaran Lagoon 55 . We gave it the working title "The most beautiful boat in the world"

We started gradually with what is closest to us - a collection of paintings that will be tailored to each cabin, living room and outdoor patio. We didn't know what materials could handle the conditions at sea, so we chose reproductions printed on canvas, lacquered with damar varnish. Although printing gold so that it has at least the right shade is always a superhuman task, the results were not bad. A month later, the canvases were sent by express to Greece.

In September, Erika went to see the boat and suggested
a few modifications for the interior and due to the power of the Greek sun and actually gild the already hung paintings.

Phase 2

Greece for the second time - one week in 10 minutes.

Our stay at ADEL was productive, delicious
(all that Greek food), intoxicating (Ouzo and their wine),

entertaining (company), breathtaking (even more so when
we sailed from the port towards Greek waters).
But it was also exciting - working in the Greek climate is different, than working in a closed studio where there is no wind - which is essential for working with gold leafs.
We applied the base, binder and gold on the patio of the boat, it was needed because of the harmful fumes of the binder before drying. We expected that humidity, sea air and sun would affect the length of the process. We didn't expect so much.
We managed to finish the gilding with in the last minute, so we were relieved to board the return plane and began to plan our next steps.


What's happening now?

Linen uniforms are in production for crew, hand-woven bed linen, lampshades for indoor and outdoor lights,
we design a map of the Greek islands for the front door and the light panel for the patio is already on its way to the boat.

Completion date - APRIL 2024

Stay tuned, we're not done yet!

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