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ERIKA VOITH is a Czech free lance artist who was born in 1980's in south Moravia. She graduated with honours from Fine Art and Fashion Design college in Brno, Czech Republic. After further studies at National Kapodistrian university of Athens  and Alberta University of the Arts she graduated with a BA degree in Art History at Masaryk University, Brno in 2011. 


After eight years of living in numerous European capitals, such were Prague, London, Athens and Paris, her roots grew deep in European soil. Nevertheless her art incorporates elements from a diversity of backgrounds, from Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, Central European expressionism to Byzantine mosaics.


As a classically trained artist with deep knowledge of old techniques, she believes in seeking the truth and beauty in any given object. Be it a foggy landscape or a figure, drawing is what she considers the probity of art and the foundation of all other arts. She is perfecting her own alla prima technique where volume is build by drawing onto the canvas with oil pastel while applying tens of layers of tinted oil never leaving the canvas to fully dry throughout the process. Paintings are then gilded with 24 karat gold leaves. Chosen for its intrinsic ability to reflect light and resist corrosion, gold in every of its forms has instantly become the fundamental element of her figural & abstract work. 


Erika has been supporting charity since 2008. She raised over $9000 to projects of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno and Department of Surgery Brno as well as Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation in Calgary by selling her art at charity art auctions. Her paintings can be found in private collections in the Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, United States or Sweden as well as commissions in few galleries over the world. 



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